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Mr'Dream International Furniture Fair Chengdu

On July 3rd, the 15th International Furniture Fair Chengdu had its grand opening in Chengdu International Convention and Exhibition Center of New Century City. The gross area of this four-day fair this year is 170,000 sqm, setting the largest scale in 15 years. As the leading company of Chinese outdoor furniture, Foshan Yatai Furniture made an unforgettable entrance in the fair. By building a mansion with weaving techniques, unique measures were taken to add waterproof and sunscreen protection to the mansion. Yatai tried to combine outdoor living with indoor by furnishing the interior in various styles, turning the open space into a classy and elegant indoor space.


As the president company of Guangdong Outdoor Furniture Association, Foshan Yatai Furniture successfully amazed all the exhibitors and viewers. In their 1,000-sqaure-meter-booth, products are thoughtfully arranged and placed, alluring all viewers to come in and take a look. On the outside, the signature Yatai Babylon collection became the center piece of the whole fair. Together with plants and animal figures, the whole booth looked like a tropical garden.


Yatai’s weaving mansion is the first attempt in the outdoor furniture industry, which was highly recognized by all viewers and the high-end customers. Outdoor furniture is no longer the private luxury for the rich, but the enjoyment for all.